Let’s work day and night to fight against the CYBER CRIME. Be aware about the procedures criminals follow to do the crime

– Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) , Cyber Expert | Helpline : 9005720003

Mohit Bajaj in Bharat Samachar as cyber expert. 
One of the most popular cyber expert of India Mohit Bajaj (Advocate)
Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) with Vice President of LBA, Lucknow Vipin Yadav (Adv.)

Who is Mohit Bajaj (Advocate)

A popular cyber expert in India i.e. Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) is professionally an advocate in High Court, Lucknow. He is a post graduate in computer science (MCA) and a post graduate in Law (LLM).

I have been actively serving Indian’s as a legal counsel for any type of cyber fraud/cyber bullying/cyber crime against anyone. He is having a dedicated team to work in all aspects.

Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) with Ex. Vice President of LBA, Lucknow Adesh Yadav (Adv.)

Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) at Bank of Baroda

Unlock Mohit Bajaj in Bank of Baroda giving awareness and training about the CYBER CRIME and CYBER SECURITY. He developed a solution to protect the financial frauds in India.

Mohit Bajaj at News 18 Uttar Pradesh for Cyber Crime and awareness

Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) at News 18 India

T A Popular hindi news channel, News18 India taking interview on a very hot topic of that time related to Cyber Crime and related concerns in India. Sign up today →