mohit bajaj

Let’s work day and night to fight against the CYBER CRIME. Be aware about the procedures criminals follow to do the crime

– Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) , Cyber Expert | Helpline : 9005720003

Mohit Bajaj in Bharat Samachar as cyber expert. 
One of the most popular cyber expert of India Mohit Bajaj (Advocate)
mohit bajaj with vipin yadav at an election in lucknow. Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) with Vipin Yadav (Advocate)

Who is Mohit Bajaj (Advocate)

A popular cyber expert in India i.e. Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) is professionally an advocate in High Court, Lucknow. He is a post graduate in computer science (MCA) and a post graduate in Law (LLM).

I have been actively serving Indian’s as a legal counsel for any type of cyber fraud/cyber bullying/cyber crime against anyone. He is having a dedicated team to work in all aspects.

mohit bajaj (advocate) with adesh yadav (advocate) at Lucknow Bar Association
mohit bajaj at bank of baroda. Giving training to employees of bank of baroda

Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) at Bank of Baroda

Mohit Bajaj in Bank of Baroda giving awareness and training about the CYBER CRIME and CYBER SECURITY. He developed a solution to protect the financial frauds in India.

mohit bajaj at all india radio. Akashvani program related to cyber crime

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) at All India Radio

Mohit Bajaj always use to give relevant information and protecting Indian’s against Cyber Crime.This time giving information to protect one against Cyber Crime

Mohit Bajaj at News 18 Uttar Pradesh for Cyber Crime and awareness

mohit bajaj (advocate)

Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) at News 18 India

A Popular hindi news channel, News18 India taking interview on a very hot topic of that time related to Cyber Crime and related concerns in India. Sign up today →

mohit bajaj at news24 a national news channel. Mohit Bajaj is a popular name of moradabad. He is a practicing advocate in Lucknow - A popular name in the field of cyber crime : Mohit Bajaj (Advocate)

Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) during debate at News 24

During a debate at News 24 Mohit Bajaj (Advocate)

mohit bajaj

Mohit Bajaj (Adv.) during a Rally in Lucknow

Mohit Bajaj use to take active participation in various social cause , awareness campaigns.

mohit bajaj

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) at a Special Lecture to IAS/PCS Preparatory students

At Coach UP IAS , Lucknow – A popular coaching for IAS/PCS students. Mohit Bajaj invited for a special session related to Cyber Crime

Mohit Bajaj at election in Lucknow Bar association

mohit bajaj

Mohit Bajaj during elections at Lucknow Bar Association

Jai Bhole ki – During election in Lucknow Bar Association , Mohit Bajaj supporting the Advocate’s for unity

mohit bajaj advocate at cii

Mohit Bajaj during an important speech at CII related to Forensic Science

Forensic science, also known as criminalistics, is the application of science to criminal and civil laws

mohit bajaj advocate at training centre related to IAS PCS

Mohit Bajaj during training to IAS/PCS(J) students

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) during an interactive session and training to IAS/PCS(J) students

mohit bajaj  advocate with deaf and dumb students in lucknow

Mohit Bajaj with deaf and dumb students who really need care

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) used to give important information & teaching to deaf & dumb students

mohit bajaj advocate during tie up with mangalayatan university jabalpur madhya pradesh

Mohit Bajaj during a training program in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) during an interactive session related to Cyber Laws at Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur (M.P)

mohit bajaj awarded during kanpur bar association instance

Mohit Bajaj at Kanpur Bar Association

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) got high regard & respect at Kanpur Bar Association after victory in Advocate’s Instance

mohit bajaj advocate with shoeb siddiqui advocate and atmat hasan idrisi advocate lucknow

Mohit Bajaj in lucknow

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) during a gentle meeting with advocates during republic day function.

mohit bajaj with yuva adhivakta means young advocate

Mohit Bajaj at district court Moradabad

Mohit Bajaj (Advocate) during a visit in moradabad (U.P)