The staff of a phony call center who were scamming American citizens were exposed by Noida Police.

Under the guise of selling reputable organizations’ anti-virus software, the staff members of this fraudulent call center defrauded overseas customers.

On Thursday, personnel from Police Station Phase-1 searched the second floor of a building in Sector 2’s C Block using manual surveillance and private information, where they were running a phony phone center. During the operation, 12 persons were taken into custody on the spot.

In addition, after raiding the fictitious call center, the police squad also took 14 desktop computers and other relevant items. According to the police officer, every individual who has been arrested has called foreign nationals and informed them that their company has Norton and McAfee antivirus software. This addresses issues with laptops and PCs and is offered for a year at costs between US$100 (about Rs. 8,335) to US$500 (approximately Rs. 41,676).

According to an official from Noida Police, the callers used to deceive foreigners into sending them payment links via email in order to obtain money. Furthermore, the accused was operating this call center without a license.
Sections 420 (cheating), 34 (engaging in criminal conspiracy), and the Information Technology Act (IT Act) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) have all been used in the FIR filed against the detained accused. Additional legal action has also been taken in this case.