Online gamers are now on the hit list of cyber thugs.

They lure people with high profits in online gaming and commit fraud in the name of offering games and investing in different companies.

Cyber ​​Crime Unit has raided and arrested 8 accused. 28 mobile phones and 3 laptops have been recovered from their possession  in Gurugram.

ACP Priyanshu Diwan says that after receiving information about this, a police team was formed and raided the mentioned place. This office was being run in a fraudulent manner. These people were cheating in the name of investment by playing different games.

ACP told that Sunil alias Sonu is the operator of this fraud racket. And everyone was kept on salary. Gives 2 percent of the defrauded amount as commission.

Few precautions you can take while playing on online gaming app, like;

When it’s possible, turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA), and update your account password frequently.

Install a security program that can recognize and stop harmful software as well as warn you of phishing scams.

Make sure to log out of your account when using shared or public computers.

Never divulge your financial information or identify to someone you met in a gaming chat room.

Reporting any suspicious activity to the gaming platform is advised.

It is imperative for everyone to stay up to date with the constantly changing state regulations using reliable identity verification systems.